Stories - Good Samaritan Clinic



The Good Samaritan Clinic provides primary care to adults who are uninsured in Haywood County. One of these adults is Mike, a 30 year old man who suffers from Diabetes. In December he came into the office with a wound to his leg. Due to diabetic neuropathy, he wasn’t aware of how bad the wound actually was and the dangers associated with the injury.

The GSC provider Kristin Gruner, PA-C was quick to respond, setting him up with Haywood Surgical and with wound care. The staff took time to make sure he had transportation to his appointments and did follow-up phone calls to make sure he made all of his visits.

Over the past four months the staff has formed a relationship with Mike, encouraging him to take better care of his wound and follow-up at appropriate times. One of the GSC volunteers works with him to get his medication through the drug company. They have also worked with his wife to develop meal plans and lifestyle changes that keep his diabetes under control.

Now 4 months later the wound is still trying to heal and Mike finally has his diabetes under control. The first time his diabetes has been under control in quite some time.

The Good Samaritan Clinic is a vital part of the medical community in Haywood County. Serving over 4,600 active patients, the clinic provides care to over 10% of the population who are uninsured and underserved. For more information visit the website Good Samaritan Clinic.